Top ten unfair contract terms

In the third in our series of updates about the Consumer Rights Act, Amy Tindall, senior commercial solicitor, gives an overview of what the new law says about unfair contract terms and gives businesses a top ten list of potentially unfair contract terms.

Will the National Living Wage be a blessing or a burden?

>When the introduction of the National Living Wage was announced in the Budget this year, it was met with the usual division of cheers and boos. Specifically, those business leaders and investors in the retail, hospitality and care industry had significant concerns about its impact as share prices fell on the news.

Deal done – but whose terms apply to the contract

Whilst suppliers will usually include their standard terms with an order form, customers may also look to impose their own standard terms on a supplier – so whose terms apply if something goes wrong? David Le, corporate and commercial solicitor at Genus Law outlines some top tips.

Reigniting the debate on access to justice

Just months after the increase of court fees, the Ministry of Justice has now announced plans for court closures as well as further court fee increases. As the debate on access to justice reignites, Laura Turner at Genus Law highlights the proposed changes and discusses ways to avoid them impacting your business.