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@ohyaynj @PeopleofLeeds Middleton elderly action will accept a whole range of stuff including electrical and small pieces of furniture

Great to have the opportunity to share our vision and progress with senior leadership across the city. Support for Helm to be part of the suite of digital tools developed for self management, helping people to be more in control of their own care, health and wellbeing choices https://t.co/GsUJnial8g

Paul Connell@paulcconnell

Today we're hosting @LeedsCC_News Council Cabinet to find out about @ODILeeds and also all of the Leeds Smart City & Health projects in #Leeds 4

@PeopleMatterLds @SocialEnterprYH @alexsobel @cllrjudithblake @tomriordan @BJonesDCEOatLCC @richard_at_val @SouthLeedsLife @_ShaidMahmood @James_A_Rogers @cath_roff @LeedsNews Well done all!! 👍👍👍

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Child Hunger

On 21 October 2020, 320+ Tory MPs voted against Free Schools Meals for children.

You can see who at this link.

Never forgive, never forget.

The rich are jumping the vaccine queue:

£25,000 a year Elite Club members being flown to the United Arab Emirates for fast tracked CV19 vaccinations.

We warned the rich would jump the queue for the vaccine despite covid mortality being double among the poor.


Angry beyond words.

I am absolutely boiling with rage over Tories profiteering from child hunger.

Unforgivable & rampant exploitation of our most vulnerable.

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